Chinengundu clinic & public toilets refurbishment

Chegutu Municipality completed refurbishment of the Chinengundu Maternity Wing, paving way for opening up of the facility to expecting mothers. The interior and exterior of the maternity wing was repainted, while the bathrooms have been tiled and fitted with nice new water taps and geysers, new lights, new ceiling, kitchen fittings and water basins to meet high standards expected of medical facilities. The water supply situation has also improved following the rehabilitation of the water reticulation system, complemented by a motorised borehole running on a solar-powered pump, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted water supply for the maternity wing and the entire clinic. Currently, Council is in the process of procuring maternity equipment to pave way for commencement of operations, while Government is also expected to second additional nurses to man the facility. The entire Chinengundu Clinic was also refurbished, turning it into a modern polyclinic. Chegutu Municipality is committed to improve provision of Municipal services and calls upon residents to partner Council in these efforts through paying their monthly dues. Below are some the pictures with the new changes:




Refurbishment of Public Toilets at the Main Bus Terminus and Western Shopping Centre

Through a partnership arrangement with Welt Hunger Hilfe (WHH), Chegutu Municipality and the partner have managed to refurbish the public toilet at the main bus terminus and the one at Western Shopping Centre, turning the facilities into modern sanitary ablution facilities. The structures were repainted both in the inside and outside while the floors were tiled, new cisterns and chambers installed, a solar lighting system installed with daylight switches. A flood - lighting system was also installed outside to make the facilities accessible at night, moreso for travellers passing through the main bus terminus. Overhead water tanks were also installed at both facilities to guarantee consisted water supplies. The public toilets have been turned into highly sanitary facilities, with the ladies’ compartments fitted with requisites pertinent to women health. Chegutu Municipality is grateful to WHH for the assistance and calls upon members of the public to use these public convenience facilities responsibly. Observance of hygienic standards helps us to curb diseases such as Cholera.