Refuse collection schedule

 Monday  High  Density    Ward 4,5,6, Heroes and respective Shopping Centers and Schools
   Low Density    Rukawo Motel, Kennedy st up to Hartley 1, Dr Mackenzie st, Wise drive, Knight Avenue
 Tuesday   High Density

   Ward 4,8,9, Chegutu and Pfupajena Shopping centers

     Low Density    From Hartley 1 up to Cattle Trail, (Martiland, Elizabeth, Rhodes, Greenways, Henry Hartley, Concession, Clatworthy, Alexandra) CBD routine
 Wednesday   High Density    11 and 12 (Kaguvi 3/ Forit)
    Low Density    Riffle Range ( From Dr. Mackenzie up to Riffle Range Ext), CBD routine and TM bulk cage
Thursday   High Density    7 and 12 (Kaguvi area), Chegutu, Pfupajena and Heroes
     Low Density    Hartley Hills up to Hintonville, CBD routine
Friday   High Density    10 and 12 (Kaguvi 2/DRC) All Shopping Centres
    Commercial       Industrial (SMEs, Home Industries/ Durawall and Commercial zone) CBD, OK bulk cage.
Saturday   Commercial    CBD, Chegutu, and Pfupajena shopping Centers.